Styling Package II



Sound Familiar?

You want to be taken more seriously at work
You recently went through a major life-change and are looking for a wardrobe overhaul to reflect the same.
Your clothes don't fit you and you are self conscious of how you look at work

What to Expect?

All the benefits of Styling Package I PLUS everything below
A complete Wardrobe Audit - to edit out pieces that don't bring you any joy
A 1:1 in-person Styling Consultation - to understand and set your new style goals
Personal Shopping - to add pieces that you LOVE and fit you like a glove
1:1 Fitting Sessions - so that you can try out clothing in the comfort of your home or in our Styling Studio

What it Includes?

Everything included in Styling Package I PLUS everything below
A complete Wardrobe Audit - to build a strong wardrobe with pieces that fit your style goals
1 hour Style Consultation - discuss your style aspirations, and set personal style goals
2 hour Wardrobe Cleanse - to selectively donate items that do not support your new style goals
Outfit Ideas from items left in your current wardrobe - they will represent your newfound personal style; you’ll be surprised by all the new combinations!
1 hour Fitting Session - try items necessary to complete your wardrobe and learn how to create a head-to-toe look. A Look book for reference - a collection of photographs of the the fitting session outfits for your future reference
Styling for a professional head-shot photo shoot
4 weeks FREE outfit consultation

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