Three Places with Scenic San Francisco Views

I am a sucker for great views (ask my husband, he is sick of my oooh and aahs whenever we visit the Golden Gate Bridge). So for this week’s MY SAN FRANCISCO post, I am going to share with you three spots that I love to go to, to check out the grand views of San Francisco.

  1. Bernal Heights Park : The Bernal Heights park has gorgeous 360 deg views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco downtown skyline, the Bay Bridge AND the San Francisco Bay. You can drive up to the base of the park and walk up the hill. Or you can drive a little further up closer to the summit and take a smaller walk to the summit. There used to be a couple of swings here as you can see here. But unforunately, they are no longer there. But these sweeping views are definitely worth the drive.California-San-Francisco-city-scenic-view-downtown-Bernal-Heights-ParkCalifornia-San-Francisco-grand-city-scenic-view-downtown-Bernal-Heights-ParkSan-Francisco-city-scenic-view-downtown-Bernal-Heights-Park
  2. Billy Goat Hill : Out of the 3 spots this one is definitely the least known one. You get the gorgeous city skyline views and there are no crowds to photobomb your pictures. While you drive up here, you’ll also experience some of the steep slopes. So be ready for a rollercoaster ride.San-Francisco-city-scenic-view-downtown-Billy-Goat-HillCalifornia-San-Francisco-city-scenic-view-downtown-Billy-Goat-Hill

Twin Peaks -Christmas Tree Point : The most famous spot of the three and for a good reason. This point in Twin Peaks offers sweeping city views. As you drive towards the point on the winding roads the view is breathtaking. Also, you will get to some gorgeous modern homes. At 922′ the winds are crazy so be prepared. Also, this neighborhood is foggy most of the time so make sure you pick a sunny or a moderately cloudy day to visit to make sure you get the most out of your visit. San-Francisco-city-scenic-view-downtown-Twin-Peaks-winding-roadSan-Francisco-city-scenic-view-ocean-bay-Twin-PeaksSan-Francisco-cit-scenic-view-downtown-from-Twin-Peaks

I hope you are enjoying coming along with me as I discover San Francisco. Are there any particular spots you’d like me to cover or discover? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading 😊

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