Crop Tops for Everyone

My obsession with crop tops goes way back. It started about 11-13 years ago when I first saw Rachel wear it one of the earlier seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! At the time, I weighed barely 100 lbs. But I thought to myself there is NO WAY my body is good enough to wear a crop top. What will people say? Which is very surprising because the majority of the women in India wear crop tops (aka blouse) with saris. Then what was stopping me from wearing a crop top?

Fast forward to today, I’m at least 25 lbs heavier & of course 11-13 years older but I wear crop tops any chance I get because I f***ing love wearing them. The thing that was stopping my younger self from wearing one was my low self-esteem. Back then in India, I was a really shy girl who would just mind her own business. Although, after I started working I did gain a lot of confidence (mostly through the clothes I wore). But it wasn’t enough. Then I moved out of parents house to come study in the USA, all by MYSELF. And till date, I think that’s the best thing that has happened to me in my entire life! Once I came to USC (#GoTrojans), I’d to manage everything right from cooking to taking care of my grades. USC taught me to take my own decisions & face the consequences (good or bad), which I’d never done before because when you live with your parents most of the times everything is taken care of for you. The USC life gave me the confidence that I can handle my own life by myself! It truly made me independent and I stopped giving a F*** about what people would say! Because I realized that I got this! And that’s how I got my confidence to wear crop tops, well for that matter anything I felt like wearing. I didn’t start wearing them because I thought ‘Ok now my body is good enough for a crop top’. To be honest, with the kind of standards society has set for women’s bodies I don’t think my body would ever be good enough. And I am not going to sit around waiting for the society’s approval to wear things I want to wear. Hell NO! I’m just going to strut my stuff the way I want to. And that’s where my journey with crop tops began. You can see me wear it here, here, here and here. And also in today’s post!

For me it was crop tops, for you it might be skirts/dresses/shorts/off the shoulder tops or something else. But trust me at the end of the day you are wearing that piece of clothing. That piece isn’t wearing you. So go out there & wear WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY! You got this 😊


Crop Top | Jeans | Kimono | Bag | Shoes| Sunglasses



Forever 21 Crop Top | Gap Jeans | Forever 21 Kimono

 Express Bag | Shoes| H&M Sunglasses

What is something that you really want to wear but aren’t? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading 😊

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