5 Amazon Fashion Finds

  1. Chic Transparent Crossbody Bag: Plastic is a big trend this season (yes it is!). It’s one of those hate it or love it trend! Vogue Paris calls it “plastic chic” — and for good reason.  It shiny & sexy. I was pleasantly surprised to see this one on Amazon. I thought anything plastic would be cheap looking. But this bad is anything but that, great quality & functional. Plus the small pouch helps hide all the clutter 😉Amazon-transparent-bag
  2. Graphic Tee: Graphic tees are an easy way to make a personal statement. No matter what you’ve on your mind, I think there’s a graphic tee for it. And you can find it on Amazon. Like I found this bad ass one for Women’s day. Not only does it look great but it’s one of the softest tees I’ve ever worn.Feminist-AF-t-shirt
  3. Metal Buckle Belt: Statement belts like statement tees are big since last year. Thanks to Gucci. I love how this one adds some character to the look. 
  4. Velvet SkirtThis skirt has become one of my go-to skirts. When you saw the picture did you think it was a suede skirt? I thought so too when I first saw it. But its velvet, not suede. It’s really well made, the quality of buttons is great & the feel of the fabric is awesome. Amazon-Velvet-Suede-Skirt-navy
  5. Leopard Print Mules: I’ve really wide feet so I shy away from buying shoes online. But after reading the reviews on this one I was comfortable buying them online. And I wasn’t disappointed they fit perfectly & are super comfortable!

Thanks for reading! Which was your favorite find? Let me know in the comments.

Amazon Fashion Finds

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