An Amazon Prime Outfit

We all know how Amazon Prime has taken over our shopping life. Personally, I order something at least once a week (eeks, is that too much? Tell me I am not the only one!). Earlier this month, I was looking for a t-shirt online & surprisingly one of the results that came up was from Amazon. Since I needed it urgently I ordered it (it was this one BTW, in case you are wondering). Honestly, I didn’t have any hopes from it but to my surprise its one of the softest t-shirts I have worn. That got me excited about Amazon Fashion. And I thought it would be interesting to wear an outfit with everything from Amazon, which brings us to this post.


Skirt | Top | Bag | Mules | Glasses

striped-top-navy-skirt - Copyembroidery-bag-leopard-mules - Copystriped-top-embroidery-bag - Copystriped-shirt-leopard-mules-skirt - Copy

Let’s talk about the products I ordered.

Velvet Button Front Skirt (Size: S): If you see this skirt in person, you won’t believe that it was under $20. The feel & quality of it is Amazing. The buttons look great against the rick navy velvet. It’s a smidge too big for me in the waist but I think going a size down would have made the skirt too tight in my hips.

Striped Mock-neck Top (Size : XS): Another great piece of clothing. I have already washed it and it didn’t shrink. This top is a little snug on me. If I were to order it again ( & I think I will) I’d order it in a size S.

Sam Edelman Mules (Size : 7.5): I was so surprised to see these on Amazon. I’d no doubt about the quality of these. And I wasn’t disappointed. They live up to their rep. Super comfy & super chic.

Embroidered Crossbody Bag: This bag was is definitely out of my comfort zone. It has a lot going on for my personal style, with the embroidery, studs & the wide red belt. But somehow when it arrived everything looked very tasteful. And the quality of it is amazing. Also, a special shout out to the packaging. It was legit like a designed bag, with a dust bag & everything!

Clear Glasses: These glasses were perfect for the geek-chic look that I was going for. They are perfect for when you can’t wear sunglasses, like when you are indoors. I’m a sunglass freak & you won’t see me anywhere without a pair. The only reason I was a little disappointed with these because they have a strong glare when taking pictures. And that can be really annoying when you are a blogger. But if you aren’t continuously taking your pictures, these are the

I hope this post inspired you to go check out Amazon for some fun fashion finds. Which was your favorite piece? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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