Red Alert!

Happy Friday everyone! Wearing red can be tricky but with the correct pairings it can be a superstar piece in your wardrobe 🙂






Scallop Trim Skirt

Printed Clutch

Express Slim Fit 1MX Shirt

Merona Women’s Alexis Pointed Toe Pumps

How fun is this double scallop trim skirt? Perfect for spring! I didn’t have anything ‘scallopy’ in my wardrobe so when I got this skirt in my Le Tote, I was super excited to style it. Red can be an intimidating color to style. But if you pair it with neutrals and let it be the statement piece, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

The silhouette of the skirt is quite feminine, to add some edgyness to look I paired it with a men’s white shirt. I can’t say enough good things about men’s shirts. They are very crisp and have more of a relaxed fit. Which makes them perfect to pair with feminine pieces. And did I mention, they are cheaper than women’s shirts! I like the juxtaposition between the fitted skirt and the relaxed fit shirt. The clutch even though its printed, it’s all neutral. So it doesn’t compete for attention with the red skirt. To finish off the look I wore some white striped pumps (my new fav shoes :D)

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