I am Vrushali aka Vru,  the brains behind THAT CHIC EDIT. I work with modern day, on-the-go women helping them realize their professional goals, update their wardrobe, improve performance and life. I help them discover their personal style and make it a reality. Nothing makes me happier than empowering women look and feel their personal best always!

Styling Services


Did you just land that dream job or get promoted to your boss' role? Give your wardrobe a refresh without spending a lot of time, to reflect the ambitious and confident self in the new role!


Do you feel like your current wardrobe doesn't represent yourself truly at work? Let us audit your wardrobe and put it in an autopilot mode so that you can concentrate on being successful at work!


Do you wear the same handful clothes over and over to work? And want to take control of your wardrobe? Then let us teach everything you need to know about dressing yourself!

Why Style Matters

Our Style is the first thing people notice about us.

When it comes to being successful at work, you have got all the components. Like your intellect, experience, ambition, grit and and your network! 

     There is another key component that is often neglected and ridiculed. I am talking about Personal STYLE. Our style is a layer of language we wear and the first thing people notice about us. Your personal style can influence people, whether you are striving for a promotion, looking to hire the best talent or are on the hunt for your dream job.

      Style isn’t about impressing others. It is about presenting the best version of yourself ALWAYS. Because when you dress better you feel better and your put in that extra 10% at whatever you are doing. So let us EMPOWER YOUR WARDROBE to do more than just covering your body!



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